Drew Foam of Georgia
Drew Foam of Georgia
8" X 8"X 6" ID
Unit of Measure


Minimum Order

N/A 1

Wall thickness

N/A 1.5 Inch

Parts Per Case

N/A 60

Outside Length

N/A 11.375 Inch

Outside Width

N/A 11.375 Inch

Outside Height

N/A 9.500 Inch

Inside Length

N/A 8.000 Inch

Inside Width

N/A 8.000 Inch

Inside Height

N/A 6.000 Inch

Corrugated Inside Length

N/A 11.750 Inch

Corrugated Inside Width

N/A 11.500 Inch

Corrugated Inside Height

N/A 10.250 Inch

Case Per Truck

N/A 40

Bundle size

N/A 47X35X47 1/2

Bundle weight

N/A 56 lb